The Hidden Failure that changed my Life
Written by Terrance Baggett on June 9th, 2018
Why am I creating this blog? if you are like me and have grown up in a nearly digital age then this experience may sound familiar to you. 

Great. That is all I wanted to be growing up. The specific medium of greatness didn't matter; I just wanted to reach that level. 

Whether it was for the fame, the recognition, the feeling of accomplishment, whatever it was, I wanted it. Naturally, sports were the first realm of greatness that attracted me, so I thought I might achieve it through there. 

Failure was not an option. In middle school, I would go to the track on the weekends and run more sprints for football. In high school, I was doing air squats in my bedroom and using our backyard stairs for agility drills.

 Being named an All-State running back, I was successful enough to be recruited by division 1 schools. I decided to attend the United States Military Academy at West Point. Maybe not the greatest school for NFL aspirations when I arrived, but a long history of great people who attended appealed to me. I continued the grind, doing extra footwork and agility drills with the other running backs. Whenever I had free time I was watching the highlights of Walter Payton, Barry Sanders, Reggie Bush, Stephen Jackson; any great running back. I would visualize and practice their moves. 

I worked hard enough to earn All-Independent (West Point Football is not in a conference) and Academic All American honors as a junior and a finalist for the Bill Campbell Trophy as a senior. My college career culminated with a pro day where the Jets attended, and I had a phone call with the Falcons. 

That was it, my whole life as I saw it

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Forgotten Hope
Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life
-Proverbs 13:12

It is my personal mission to find the forgotten ones and bring them hope. It is two fold, first I aim to inspire anyone who has ever had a dream to go out and live it. Secondly it is to inspire and empower the people who have been knocked down in life to rewrite their story in order to change their world. 

About Author: Terrance Baggett

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In The News
  • Awesome Feature - Super Cool Thing #1
  • Even Cooler Feature - Amazing Thing #2
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